Dentistry has been advancing just as rapidly as any other medical field in the 21st Century, and CAD CAM dentistry in particular is a technology that has been a huge leap forward for dental professionals and patients alike. In this article we will explain how the technology works and how it can benefit you.

Innovative Dentistry

CAD stands for Computer-aided design and CAM is short for computer-aided manufacturing. Both are software programs that aid professionals performing complex dental procedures. CAD CAM has been around since the mid-80s, but with today’s advancements in computing, there are now tools that have made the process simpler, quicker, and more accurate. The technology can complete prosthetic repair work in one visit to the dentist, including dental crowns, veneers, bridges, onlays and inlays.

CAD CAM Dentistry Explained

With CAD CAM technology, there is no need to use impressions, because the technology will create custom 3-D images of your prepared tooth or teeth by simply scanning them with a high-tech camera, creating a virtual design. The design guides the milling machine to carve the restoration from a solid block of restorative material which will become the basis for your tooth restoration process.

The CAD CAM procedure looks like this:

  • giving the patient anesthesia
  • tooth preparation
  • intraoral scanning
  • restoration design
  • milling
  • sintering and polishing
  • cementation

The whole process is quick, it takes between about 40 minutes and two and a half hours. It will save you a lot of time compared to when you have to take multiple trips to the dentist’s office. CAD CAM no longer requires a 2nd appointment, nor a temporary recovery period. Everything is fast, easy, and simple.

The only exception to this single-visit procedure is when patients require an all-ceramic bridge, as all-ceramic bridge restorations require a 2nd dental visit to insert the bridge, and in some cases, a temporary healing period will be necessary.

Huge Benefits of CAD CAM Technology

CAD CAM provides many advantages for restorative dentistry. It includes improved accuracy, shorter waiting periods of time, and minimised outsourcing costs. The technology also enables dentists to provide you with accurate, strong dimensionally stable restorations. This means that these restorations can last a long time and are much less likely to fracture compared to those millings from earlier materials.

The restorations are made to custom-fit your tooth and bite. Compared to traditional fillings, these restorations are durable and strong and require little to no adjustments. It will lessen your costs, increase your comfort, and improve your life.

CAD CAM Technology in Wainuiomata

At Wainui Dental, we have invested in the newest technology available to deliver superior restorative options. Through CAD CAM technology, we can offer crowns and indirect restorations at our practice that are usually completed in one-visit. During this procedure, you can have a break, and once the restoration is ready we bond it all in a few hours; it’s as simple as that.