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Read more about general dentistry, dental surgery, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

As one of the newest Dental Clinic in the Wellington area, we have invested in brand new and cutting-edge dental technology available today. This allows us to assess, diagnose and treat you faster, painlessly and more accurately than ever before.

Our clinic may be new, but our team who work here are very experienced professionals with many years of dental care and treatment background.


Can Toothbrushes Remove Tartar?

Simply put, no. But let’s talk a little about what tartar and plaque is first. Plaque is a collection of bacteria and their waste products that builds up on teeth (and other surfaces in the mouth). Plaque is sticky and colourless when it first forms, and is easily removed by proper oral hygiene procedures (i.e.…

5 Top Tips to Consider When Buying a Toothbrush

Not all toothbrushes are created equal. We have a plethora of choices when it comes to picking a toothbrush. Some of us will naturally go for. ● Colour ● Brand ● Bristle Strength ● Price If we are driven by the above natural instincts, we here at Wainui Dental want to advise on 5 top…

Advanced dentistry with CADCAM Technology

Read about the revolutionary CAD CAM Technology and how it can benefit you.

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