I recently had 2 teeth extracted at this clinic. Why did I choose this clinic? It was local, but as its new I had not heard anything about it. I was going to go into Wellington and use a central city dentist I had seen before, but out of curiosity I decided to take a look at this one. When I walked around it was clearly well equipped, clean and well run. The dentist was experienced and gave me confidence that the procedure was one she had done many times before.

I was pretty nervous as a previous extraction done overseas was a painful and long exercise. I asked to be anesthetised, which cost more, but was worth every cent. The procedure went exactly as I hoped…. I did not feel or remember a thing! One second, I was told that I would feel pressure and be able to respond to requests, like “open”, “close”, the next second it seemed… it was over. I have healed perfectly and had no issues. If there is a better service out there, I have not seen it.